trends for spring/summer 2010

This post will take a look at the trends for spring/summer 2010. According to forecasts the trends of the season can be categorized in the following “Clean Energy,” “Game Theory,” “Marching Orders,” “Pastoral Interlude,” “Pattern Play,” “The Big Reveal.” Fashion forecast definitely should not be followed to the T. No one should comprise their own style in order to follow a trend. However, using the forecasts as a guide and intertwining your tastes with current trends is what will set you apart from everyone else.
Clean Energy – It’s kind of like the simplistic 90s fashion minus the overwhelming mannish shapes. Although, If you compare this decade to the 90s there is a recession in common. This trend consists of a lot of white and neutrals such as beige, off white and taupe. A pale pastel can qualify as well. It’s that simple dress with feminine tailoring that is not over the top with detail. Imagine an outfit where you tone down everything to have one statement piece/accessory take center stage. White and neutrals have been seen all over the red carpets of 2010 already.
Game Theory – This trend prevailed in Alexander Wang’s collection this season. H&M has embrace this trend already. Wear your sweats with elastic bottoms with a pair of rugged peep-toed boot heels, a bomber windbreaker and a graphic T or tank top. A sport’s blazer (which isn’t for sports at all) match with an oversized tank and skinny jeans also does the trick. It’s an athletic trend that designers have played up this season but has already been seen on urban fashionites for at least the passed year. (photos from H&M)
Marching Orders – Check out everything in the new Mango collection (runway video on youtube) and that’s basically it. Balmain has a great take on this trend as well. To follow the trend in a more original way than using it as street wear, suggests for us to look for the “more dressed-up takes on uniform dressing.” Picture a night out: a great uniform military cut jacket over a rocking sequenced mini dress would really make a statement. (photo: Constance Jablonski)
Pastoral Interlude – The name says it all, pastoral, cows grazing in the pastures .. um think little house on the prairie. It’s the type of getup you would put together to wear at a cheesy picnic on a summer’s day. A lot of different clothing could fall into this category; pinafore dresses, gingham printed clothing, and small floral prints. Take a trip to forever21 and you’re practically guaranteed to find something that fall under this trend.
Pattern Play – Include patterns in your wardrobe this spring and do not be afraid to mix them, it’s all the rage! If you don’t like the idea of mixing patterns, you may want to opt for a dress or a playsuit (or romper) with a continuous pattern. Prints can mean anything from pretty florals to tribal motifs and much more. The best part about this trend is that it is usually re-occurring which means chances are you already have something with a print in your closet that can be re-worn this season. That’s all there is to it. (photo from forever21)
The Big Reveal – There are plenty or pieces in stores that are lingerie inspired this season. I bet you don’t want to walk out in body suits like Lady GaGa or Rihanna, but you would sure like to make heads turn with your outfit regardless. So the easiest ways to follow this trend without looking like an attention whore is to use it as sparingly as possible. For nighttime, adopt the trend by wearing a clear silk blouse over your bra. During the day you can wear lacy camisole’s that are originally meant to be wore as sleepwear. Be risky, try a bustier as a top paired with skinny jeans and killer heals. Lingerie for the day never looked better. (photo from Zara)

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