Azzaro Fall/Winter 2010

Alas, I know many fashion weeks have been spitting up great collections for Fall/Winter 2010, but I am still too busy obsessing over Spring/Summer 2010 because frankly, I’m tired of winter clothing. Living in a climate that doesn’t allow to be as fashion forward without getting frostbite is frustrating to say the least. As much as my wallet is willing to suffer for fashion, I’m not sure my toes would last.
On a light note, I am quite infatuated with the Azzaro Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Its fragrance line is much more known and credited than its clothing line, such a shame. They are always classic, timeless and overlooked – everyone is too busy obsessing over Balmain and the other big names of fashion.
1. If your romper has dark enough hues, you can truly bring it through to f/w with a pair of tights. This romper feels somewhat military inspired.
2. As for the bubble effect from the next picture, I’m not quite sure I like this at all. However, the detailing on the neckline is flattering against the black and carries forward the mesh, lace and crochet theme we saw for s/s 2010.
3. Further more, the next dress is similar in detail but more like a combination of Wednesday Adams a-la Gossip Girl prep. I think the white in the shoes are a great contrast, I might have preferred a more daring proposition for footwear (maybe a little color, a different tight?).
4. Finally, this is one I truly enjoy. I love the gorgeous neckline, the collar and the military influence. I feel it is classic but daring at the same time… Is that even possible?

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