Nail Care

I noticed that after frequent use of nail polish and nail polish removers, my nails were beginning to suffer. I love nail polish but there are so many chemicals and drying agents in them and the removers. I already have thin nails, they’ve gotten even frailer and even began to tear easily. Another worry is how nail polishes and removers can stain your nails yellow, which is totally disgusting.
I’ve tried nail polish removers without acetone in them, they are healthier for the nail however they take forever! They still smell strong and continue drying out my cuticle and nail. That means I smell the product for more time, since it takes forever do even do one nail. Imagine all 10 or 20 nails! The constant rubbing only adds to the dehydration nails… oh frustration and intoxication.
For a while, I refused to paint my nails in order to preserve them until they get the beating of their lives’ this summer. There’s no way ‘m wearing sandals without nail polish. There must be a solution.
I’ve found two alternatives to regular nail polish removers:
  1. odorless
  2. spill proof
  3. acetone free
  4. no evaporation
  5. soybean based
  6. rinses with water
  1. no alcohol
  2. no acetone
  3. no ethyl acetate
  4. gentle sent
  5. environmentally safe
  6. no spilling
  7. contain vitamin E
Now, I’m on the hunt to find them in stores. I don’t really feel like ordering. Has anyone ever tried either one of these products?

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