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Oscar Fashion 2010 - STEALINGBEAUTY

Oscar fashion (part I)

The world is obsessed with celebrities, I however am obsessed with clothes and certain models. I find it impossible to resist the temptation of watching the red carpet. I love laughing at flops, does that make me mean? I’m sure you do it too.
My top 5 Picks for best dressed in no particular order:

Sandra Bullock

Everything was perfect. Her hair was simple and she kept jewelery at a minimum and let her dress do all the stunning. She was also subtly touching on the one-shouldered trend and using a metallic champagne color, which was very flattering.

Kate Winslet

Veronica Lake hair, metallic futuristic bustier top and a beautiful flowing bottom. Plus, it’s Kate and she can do no wrong.

Cameron Dias

Again, similar to Sandra Bullock, Cameron chose to compliment and not compete with her dress. I love the hair and especially the red lipstick and matching nails. This picture does not do her justice at all.

Vera Farmiga

Ok, before anyone says, “ew” – would you have the guts to wear such a daring dress? I love the ruffles, the color is out of the blue and she did not over accessorize. Another thing that I loved was that she was not burried under ruffles, somehow they accentuate her figure.

Rachel McAdams

She’s so beautiful, she didn’t need to go glam *cough*bias*cough*. I loved the water colors in this dress, again pastels are very in and so is draping. There was something dreamy about this dress and it’s perfectly accessorized with statement pendant earings and pulled back hair.
Honorable mentions:
Elizabeth Banks
Anna Kendrick
Nicole Richie – I liked it, OK!! That’s right, I said it.

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