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Oscar Fashion 2010 - STEALINGBEAUTY

Oscar fashion (part II)

Oscar fashion 2010, in between best and worst, almost there, but not quite yet:

Kristen Stewart

Bride’s maid much? It was nice and boring, I guess it might have been because she was not going to win anything and there was no reason to over dress. On a lighter note the color is nice but would it have hurt to wear a better statement piece? It looked like she forgot her jewelery at home, except for that one bracelet she wore. Something was missing, am I right?

Penelope Cruz

Everyone liked this dress, I thought it looked like a bulky bride’s maid dress or curtains wrapped around her body. It was boring, but at least she didn’t wear black again. I find most of Penelope’s choices in wardrobe uninteresting. She’s Spanish, why can’t she wear something sexier?

Diane Kruger

I wanted to like this dress, but something puts me off with the ruffles being at the bum, hips and gut only – not flattering! If the ruffles weren’t there and the dress would just drape after that band of black ruffles, then it would have been one of my top picks. I’m sure this dress was cake inspired, mmm … I feel like eating cake now.

Amanda Seyfried

She is truly beautiful, like the Gemma Ward of Hollywood (that’s who she reminds me of). This color washed her out. Her bracelet didn’t work with the dress and she need to let her hair down. I would have loved to see her with some 40s inspired waves in her hair.

Demi Moore

Return of the Mummy chest? The dress is so close to her skin color that it looks like peeling skin, it’s very strange. I don’t know what else to say about this… NEXT!

Charlize Theron

What is on her boobies? I love Charlize, she is truly gorgeous and the color is right on point. The silhouette is very flattering. I especially love the lipstick but I just wish her boobs were left alone.

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