Oscar fashion (part III)

Oscar Fashion 2010 worst dress (wtf were they thinking):

Deborah Ann Woll

This color goes horribly with her skin tone and the cut really didn’t do her any good.

Jennifer Lopez

This looked like bubble wrap. Instead of slimming her wide hips, she opted to amplify them.

Faith Hill

Disaster, it’s just all wrong. There is so much going on in all the wrong ways.

Virginia Madsen

Ladies and gents, this is how not to wear blue and black together. it looks like a funeral gown.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Chanel never looked more like a frumpy banana. The top is gorgeous, I just hate the way it falls like an empty sack.

Zoe Saldana

The top was gorgeous, the color was too until you scroll down. I ask myself, why does her dress look burnt or as if it were soaked in ink? I don’t mind the ombre effect so much as I mind the fact that it’s all bubbled up.

Antonio & Melanie

What’s wrong with both of them? He looks so old with that beard and she looks like a dominatrix!
Who did you think was the worst dressed at the Oscars?

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