Messing in the Fits

I didn’t get a chance to post these before leaving on vacation, but since I took the time to take these – I figured i might as well. The first ones are from Fcuk Spring/Summer 2010, the final two are from Forever21.

Basically, I was shopping the sales rack there in July because there wasn’t much in there for fall yet. Although I loved the fabric print and cut of the dress (minus the fact that it was too tight on the bust) – overall, it simply wasn’t worth it. A lot of the time we see things we love, but the price isn’t right. Fcuk is very pretentious with their pricing, especially when you are on a budget.

My oh my! Did this ever look cute on the hanger, but it gave major camel toe. Sometimes things that look great on the hanger look awful on, other times it’s the other way around. Just goes to show, it’s always better to try on before making rash decisions.

Messing around in the fits at Forever21 is always so much fun. There’s so much to choose from. I loved the tailoring at the back of this vest, but wasn’t very sure what to think of the way the fabric fell on the body. I can’t explain it, it just felt like the fabric was too stiff to drape in a flattering way.

Lastly, these maxi dresses. These things became my staple attire while I was in Honduras this August. Unfortunately, you get hit on way too much if you aren’t dressed conservatively in Tegucigalpa. The black one is incredibly versatile and flattering. It is just the right cotton and spandex blend to hug the body, while still concealing some unflattering areas. The blue halter is stunning photos has a flattering neckline and back view.

What were your favorite Summer finds last season?


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  • Cecilia

    i Love Love Love the black maxi dress.. I favorite summer find was actually str8 out of my own closet lol i ordered a Wet Seal black cotton pant suit romper featuring an elastic tube top with an elastic tube cinch waist. Girl, it looked sooooo nice on the model but when i got it i felt the length was too long and it was too tight on my lower back rolls.. LMAO so in the closet it went to die. Junp 3 years later and me 25 pounds lighter I tried it on for giggles and i was like DAYUM this looks good!! 🙂 I paired it with braided T-Strap flat sandals in metallic grey, gold hoop earings, a long layered necklace and POOF so easy, breezy, cute and seksi!! I love shopping in my closet 🙂

    Glad to hear that u had an awesome vacation 🙂 ttys

  • Stealing Beauty

    Thanks, about the vacation :).

    Older items can end up being your favorite ones – or when you forgot you bought something and find it later, it's even more satisfying than shopping for something new (that everyone else bought as well). I love when that happens!