Battle of the Lilacs

Silly me, bought the same color twice. Wait, no I didn’t. I bought Done Out in Deco months earlier when I couldn’t find Do You Lilac it and had to settled for less. I much prefer the darker and richer of DYLI, needless to say I couldn’t resist the temptation when I set eyes on it for the first time.

Should I further indulge myself and go get Parlez-Vous Opi?

Left: Done Out in Deco
Right: Do You Lilac It (wearing it too)
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  • tracymiami

    Hey hon

    Not got those to but I do have Parlez-Vous Opi and it is one of my faves and don't think it is like those but you can never tell if until up close and bought them lol.

    Have you tried Models Own Lilac Dreams that is also a fave of mine, bit lighter than your OPIs. Actually giving one away in my first Giveway:

    t x

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