Orange Fever

I received a mango pamphlet in the mail today and cannot begin to explain how much in lust I am with these boots, in orange. They come in regular leather, but there’s something about the suede. They can be rolled down slouched or worn up right to the knee. Delicious.

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  • Shelly

    These are stunning!
    So autumn!
    I love multifunctional products. :))

  • Cecilia

    those are Haute Fire!! i Love them.

  • kendallcrow

    polyvore is awesome! i was like you, made an account, didn't touch it for months. but now that i have a desk job, polyvore is freaking awesome for passing the time. great set 🙂

  • kendallcrow

    oops. i meant to comment on polyvore set you just posted. my bad 🙂