Evening Out

I didn’t get a chance to film the night when I wore this outfit, which is unfortunate because my boyfriend and I wanted to make an outfit vlog. Yes, that’s right, him too. Not enough men talk about fashion on youtube and it’s hard to find great fashion blogs for the everyday man. I know there are men love fashion as much as we do.

Moving on. I simply love this dress. I wanted to wear a black dress, but I’m so glad I opted for this jewel toned silk blue dress instead. On the hanger, this dress is hideous. It actually looks more like a grandma’s nightie, but with the magic of skinny belting almost all can be fixed.

The outfit has an impact because everything is kept clean so that the focal point of the entire outfit can take complete center stage. I didn’t match my purse to my shoes, nor my dress to anything. I did, however decide to match my tights to my purse, because otherwise there would have been too much going on. Had I been wearing prints, the minimalism would have been broken.

The suede pumps play the part of a soft neutral. I love mixing textures when I’m not using prints. Silk, cotton ruffles, quilted leatherette and suede.. who would think you could mix and match so much in such a simple outfit?

All the garment details are mentioned in the video. Don’t hesitate to leave comments.


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