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Red, White, Black & Nude - Alexa Likes

Red, White, Black & Nude

I really enjoyed the N.21 s/s 2011 collection. White is often a color that I have a lot of difficult wearing. It’s flattering on everyone, but it’s not forgiving to wear from head to toe and it is a tad high maintenance. I’ve always found it eye catching even though I rarely reach for white pieces.

I absolutely adore the dress at 1:50, it’s so simple, crisp and refreshing after a dark and cold winter. It makes me want to hunt for a stark white dress right now… along with a nude slip or something to conceal panties lines amongst other things, of course.

The top and skirt at 4:00 reminds me of what my mother wore in the 90s. I’m not into that however the next couple of outfits are interesting. I especially love the mix of contrast; same floral print, black on top and beige shorts with the black trim.

One of my favorite color combinations in this show was definitely red paired with nude. Not only does the red offer a pop of color, but I’ve always found that pairing red with stark white is such a cliche. The nude makes the outfit understated and poppy red, delightful and interesting which creates a perfect balance.

I love loose fitting silhouettes for the summer, I never understood why women would wear skin tight clothing during heat waves. The longer lengths are having a come back for this summer again, and it’s only logical that everything should fit loose to allow some cooling ventilation.

Lovely collection. Any thoughts?


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