Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

This was a highly requested by my subscribers on youtube. I’ve been wanted to do a stealing her style video on them for ages. You either love MKA or hate them, sometimes I can see why people think their style is over rated, however, for the most part, both girls have a really great eye for fashion.

Mary Kate and Ashley approach fashion from different angles. Ashley’s style is more minimal, clean and polished. Whereas Mary-Kate is a lot more edgy and less clean cut.

I choose two pictures for my Mary-Kate inspired outfit. In both outfits she wears a leather mini-skirt on bottom and white on top. I just noticed that both outfits have blue purses as well.

I love how easily a leather skirt can be dressed down or up. I choose to pair mine with a button down shirt that can be worn either tucked in or out loose, which changes the entire feel of the outfit.

For my Ashley Olsen inspired outfit, I choose an outfit where she is wearing a botton-down reminiscent to chambray and black denim.

I love how effortless and chic this ensemble is. Granted, she is not wearing a denim shirt but the look can easily be replicated with one, if you wish.

My interpretation of the MKA looks:

Mary-Kate inspired outfit:
white button down – old navy
leather skirt – mango
purse – ardene
gladiator wedges – nine west
jewelry – forever 21, h&m, & silver

Ashley inspired outfit:
denim button down – h&m
black jeans – mango
purse – thrifted – liz clairbon
wedges – forever 21
jewelry – silver

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