My Jewelry Collection & Storage

I bought this new organizer at Winners Homesense on Sunday and couldn’t resist showing you how my collection looks now that it is completely organized.

The picture above are all my assorted H&M and Forever 21 rings in a rabbit bowl.

Watch the video I have posted explaining everything:

This is the organizer I purchased (above). I’ll list where I purchased the jewelry from top to bottom, right to left: Simons, Mango, H&M, Honduran silver hoops, Honduran jade semi precious earrings and the last is not visible.

This is an Urban Outfitter jewelery stand. Further more: Urban Outfitter mint sun glasses, souvenir bracelets, and Forever 21 cross necklace.

Forever 21 orange necklace.

Forever 21 tear drop necklace.

1st row: all from Banana Republic
2nd row: Honduran souvenir, mom, Banana Republic.

1st row: first 2 from Spain, final from Honduras
2nd row: outer 2 from Zellers (believe it or not), middle from mom
3rd row: gift from my boyfriend, mom, Spain

2 last rings from Spain

Christmas gift from my boyfriend (along with a ring and bracelet set mentioned in the video).

Vintage silver and gold rings from my mom.

Owl bracelet rack from Urban Outfitter. Bracelets from left to right: H&M wooden bracelets, Le Chateau wood and gold bracelet (dupe available at forever 21), Reitmans, and Banana Republic.

Rabbit bowl from Urban Outfitter.

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