Day & Night

I needed to go out day and night without going home, so I decided to show how I would style the same outfit for both occasions with some minor changes.

I’ve been obsessing over this crochet vest that I found a while ago at value village. I can usually wear it with almost anything and it’s also very comfortable during the summer heat.

I’m basically wearing all the same items in both outfits except for bottoms and shoes. I’m also very much loving that bell bottoms are seeing somewhat of a come back.  I’ve always felt that they are more flattering on more body types than low-rise skinny jeans that have become the norm, lately.

Day items
Mango tank top
Value Village crotchet vest
Ecote purse (from Urban Outfitters)
Forever 21 shorts, “mother of pearl” ring & embellished sandals
H&M faux bullet ring & assorted gold bands

Night items
Mango flared jeans
H&M platforms

I wouldn’t recommend these platforms, I’ve worn them a total of three times. The concept is nice, they look pretty, and they are very comfortable but the quality of the material is awful. I’ve had 40 dollar shoes that were way better quality, these are definitely not lasting longer than this summer.

Tell me your thoughts!!


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