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Some of my favorite youtube channels are the lesser known ones, especially when we’re talking about fashion channels. I contacted StylishScarlett because I’ve enjoyed a lot of her previous fashion videos and I’m sure you guys would too. It took us forever to decide on what kind of collaboration we should do. Finally, we decided on 90210 inspired outfits.

Wardrobe is one of the first things I notice when watching any television show. I haven’t watched 90210 since the first season, but I really like that each character has a different style that compliments each of their personalities. It makes us, the viewer, relate to the characters more. 

Annie Wilson

Zara cardigan |  Urban Outfitter top | H&M shorts | No. 704 b ankle boots | Simons tights | Citizens Planet wrap bracelet | Gifted paisley bracelet

Annie is the sweet girl from next door. Her outfits are simple and girly, both of which compliment her kind personality.

Erin Silver

Forever 21 bat winged cardigan, silk tank & tribal print skirt | Urban Outfitter snake print ankle boots | H&M bird skull necklace & leather cuff

On the show, she is described as “out spoken” and her style speaks for itself. Likewise, her clothes are not understated either. She wears more edgy pieces that other characters.

Naomi Clark

Forever 21 cropped blazer | H&M cotton tank & pencil skirt  | Urban Outfitter belt | Mango Penelope Cruz ankle boots | Simons tights | pearl necklace

Her style is very classic and glamorous. She’s rich so naturally, she wears a lot of pieces that most of us would consider wardrobe staples we might splurge on.

The outfits in motion:

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