OPI Cuckoo for Christmas

This is Cuckoo for this Color from the very loved OPI Swiss collection. I’m not sure why, but I purchased this a year and a half ago during the summer time. It’s a very seasonal colour which is highly appropriate for Christmas. It has a blueness to it that makes it unique, although it is truly a pine colour with tiny sparkles that makes it appear to be a satin finish. A lot of collectors would say it’s a “must have green” though I find it only appropriate for the winter time.

I applied two different sized silver glitter Love & Beauty top coats from Forever 21 to one nail. I’ll let the pictures  do the rest of the talking.

These pictures were taken after at least 5 days of wear, which explains the chip on my pinky. I wanted to make sure I posted about this before taking it off.

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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