The Holiday Dress

My work Christmas party is tomorrow and I can’t decide what to wear. This is my second year going. Last year, some women wore gowns and some men wore tuxedos. I prefer cocktail dresses. In other words, it’s kind of fancy. I decided to post “the holiday dress” to inspire myself and maybe others about what to wear for the holiday season.

I refuse to go spend $100 plus on a dress that I’ll rarely get a chance to re-wear, especially when my closet is overflowing. All of these are dresses I’ve acquired over the passed 4 years. Nothing is new, except the snake print dress was purchased yesterday for $20 on sale.

Here are 5 looks that I came up with that follow current trends such as; faux fur, 1920s flapper, snake print, kimonos, lace and a romantic red floral. 

1. Kimono & Lace

FCUK heavy lace dress / Zara kimono / House of Holland tights / Penelope Cruz for Mango booties / GoFavor necklace / H&M ring & bracelet / Gifted paisley bracelet / Gap rose gold clutch

I bought this dress 2 years ago in the summer sale, which to me was still expensive. I could justify buying it for $99 at the time because it’s built like a bustier on the inside and lined with lace on the outside. It’s expensive feeling lace too, unlike something you would find at H&M or Forever 21.

As for the tights, I ordered a pair on ASOS that got lost in the mail. They refunded me and I set out to Urban Outfitters to buy a pair, back when they had them. Then, my ASOS package turned up, so now I have 2 pairs. What should I do with the second pair? haha

I know that the “kimono” is going to be a hit or miss with a lot of people on youtube. I’m a serious style junkie, I’m obsessed with chictopia, lookbook, and lots of fashion blogs. I like mixing different pieces in my wardrobe like this because I’m so prone to wearing black. Since the lace has a floral texture, the kimono just felt right.

2. Rosy Outlook

H&M draped blazer / Le Chateau late 90s floral dress / House of Holland tights / Nine West suede pumps / Simons earrings / Forever 21 bracelet

I didn’t pick a purse for this outfit, in case you didn’t notice that in the video. I doubt I’ll wear this dress, since it’s very tight in the chest area. I’m not even wearing a bra and it gives me cleavage. It’s a little intense haha! This is the only dress that makes me wish my bust was smaller.

The draped blazer was a steal from last winter’s sale at H&M. It cost me $10 and it was the only one left. It’s labelled as a size 12, but it fits a lot more like a 4.

3. Lady in Serpent

H&M snake print dress & faux fur scarf / FCUK fringe clutch / Nine West suede pumps / Forever 21 bracelet / H&M ring / Simons earrings

This is my “wannabe a rich lady” look, I guess. Sorry, that was lame. I had to conceal some of the length of this dress, it actually goes passed the knee. Since it is long sleeved, I intend to get it shortened before wearing it unless I figure out a better way to fake shorten it myself with a concealed elastic belt of some sort.

4. Rouge Orange


Zara red dress & kimono / Urban Outfitter belt / Penelope Cruz for Mango booties / Ardene quilted circle purse / H&M ring

Can you tell I love the kimono robe thing? I purchased this dress in the summer sale of this year. I love the cut and fabric of it. It has bandage straps that cross in the back, I feel like it wouldn’t be winter appropriate without something on top. Plus, who doesn’t love bright colours, anyway?

5. 1920s Flapper

Mango flapper dress & booties / Ardene purse & floral lace tights / H&M ring & bracelet

This dress came out within the same time frame as the first Penelope Cruz collection for Mango. I believe Monica Cruz wore it in the catalogue, if I am not mistaken. I snagged this with my employee discount at the time, that would make this dress approximately 4 years old.

These tights are a nightmare to get into, I like them with the dress because I feel like it plays up the outfit. Wearing all black is boring enough on it’s own, I think that the tights give the look a more interesting feel.

Stealing Style

So, which outfit should I wear?


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