Warm & Fozzie

Happy twenty twelve! Undoubtly, it’s been a while since I have posted, however I’ve gone completely wild on my youtube channel. I’ve been posting videos as often as I can since I have the time. Frankly, it’s so cold out that I don’t even feel like going shopping or doing anything but make videos and browse blogs.

Enough jabber, on to the polish. Like a very naughty girl, I went to Winners and spotted the entire OPI Holiday Muppet collection on sale for $7.99 a bottle. I restrained myself and only picked up two. One of which was Warm & Fozzie.

The texture is very similar to Rumba Romance. This is basically a bronze polish with lots of micro glitters to look different colours depending on the lighting.  I’ve worn it in a couple of videos on youtube and someone would always ask about this one. I quite like it because it’s more wearable than glitter. It’s also office appropriate.

Here a shot:

Let me know if you like the regular nail posts, I find them fun to do. I’ve been on a mission to wear polishes without repeating in order to blog them.


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