Valentine’s Day & Update

 I’ve been away for a few reasons this passed week. I feel overworked with school, living arrangements (haha), my employment and youtube. I just got some furniture and i am in the middle of rearranging things with mom (i.e. there’s a huge mess in the apartment). I got  new computer, which my boyfriend assembled for me and it’s going to lift a huge weight off my shoulders.

I’m not making excuses, I just felt like venting a bit about how stressful things have gotten. I’ll be settling back into the norm after I conquer midterms. I already have a couple of reviews coming, but for the meantime, I decided to share this vlog.

My boyfriend made this amazing dinner for Valentine’s Day. He’s a great entertainer and naturally, I decided to document it a bit. I hope you enjoy these little bits and bobs. I posted a video with more footage on my vlog channel as well.



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