May 2012 Luxe Box

I skipped April, I found it unimpressive to say the least. Here is what I remember receiving: Pantene shampoo and conditioner samples, essie nail polish in a sheer shade that didn’t even show up on the nail and a tiny Chi hair serum. The rest was quite unmemorable. Sorry about the mini rant.

Fortunately, my May luxe box makes up for the disappointment. This month I received both a black box and a white box containing bath and body samples. Those samples were the Venus razor and Olay wrinkle repair. Awesome, I’m always running out of fresh razors and mom appreciates the sample sized Olay wrinkle repair, as she already owns the full sized version at home.

Here are the rest of the items I received along with some blurbs:

I own the previous version of this fragrance and included in my fragrance collection video post. I’ve read mixed reviews about both frangrances too. The original is very musky and sweet, it’s definitely not everyone’s taste. L’Exces for women is a floral, woody, oriental scent. For men, it is described at a fruity, woody, oriental scent. My boyfriend and I will be trying these out in the upcoming days.

This scrub claims to gently and effectively ex foliate the skin. Now, I’m not very picky with skincare products, I personally prefer to use home ingredients to save money and spare myself from unknown ingredients. I tried the scrub once, as it’s suppose to be used once a week similar to most scrubs on the market. It’s definitely too soon to tell, but I neither dislike or like the product, it is gentle and doesn’t have an over powering scent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t spend $42 on it.

Finally, a large sample! After raving about the Macadamia Deep Condition Mask in my latest hair care review, I’m very intrigued to try this mask out. People raving about Moroccan Oil is per usual, particularly in the youtube/blogging world. This treatment is argan-oil rich and claims to deeply hydrate and improve hair texture. I can’t wait to try this out.

Until I test out the Moroccan Oil, the Essie full sized polish is definitely my favourite of the bunch. I’m currently wearing the bright, luminous pink shade on my nails and I love it. It reminds me of Betsey Johnson pink! It’s a bright pink with blue undertones and an understated blue/purple shimmer to it. The formula was very easy to apply, all you need is 3 thin coats.

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Let me know what your thoughts are about any of these products or if you got something different in your box.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Luxe Box to receive new sample every month or would like to learn more about the service, check out the Loose Botton here.


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