Moon Manicure with Breaking Curfew

Let’s briefly get into all of the things you need to do the moon manicure at home, shall we?  This retro manicure is one that I constantly go back to time and time again because it’s so easy to do.

I actually feel like this is a cheat post. I did this in a video tutorial in the past with French manicure stickers instead of binder stickers, it really didn’t look as good at all. Additionally, my camera quality has changed substantially since then… On to the steps:

1. Apply a Base Coat

Apply your favourite base coat, I chose to use Seche Natural. At this point you have options, you can apply a colour of your choice before the stickers. I prefer sticking to nude nails underneath.

Seche Vite Natural Matte

2. Adhere Binder Stickers

Next, use binder stickers to cover the area closest to your cuticles. It’s up to you how small or large you want your moons to be, but I generally adhere the sticker beginning as close to my cuticle as possible. I find that to be the best method to ensure that each moon is the same size. I like to snip the binder stickers in half so that I can use one sticker for 2 nails.

Binder Stickers

3. Apply Nail Polish

Apply the colour of your choice to the bottom portion of your nails. One to two coats of nail polish should suffice. Here I’m using L’Oréal Breaking Curfew, which I purchased at the L’Oréal sale. You can finish with a top coat to ensure the longevity of your moon manicure.

L'Oréal Breaking Curfew

I have worn a modified version of this manicure in my Elizabeth Arden Aurora post using a festive glitter nail polish at the cuticle.

essie shine of the times

essie – shine of the times

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What do you think of this manicure? Would you try it out yourself?


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