H&M Conscious Collection 2013

Behold, the just released H&M Conscious Collection 2013 teaser featuring Vanessa Paradis! I love her hair and make-up in this. The scenery is gorgeous: the juxtaposed mansion and growing plants and tall grass everywhere. The filming and editing leave us all wanting more, don’t they! Sorry for the spasm of unorganized thoughts, I should compose myself…

The conscious collection always has a nature feel to it, which is fitting of course, this is suppose to be a more eco-friendly line carried by H&M. We do not see much of the clothing yet, but we catch glimpses of Vanessa wearing some green pieces. The first garment that took my breath away was the olive green jacket with embellished pockets. Emerald is definitely one of Spring’s biggest colors for 2013, but there was also a light green ruffled dress and a garment with a leaf pattern. Of course, we cannot forget the neon green embellishments on that gorgeous jacket!

H&M Spring inspiration SS13

If you missed the latest campaign for Spring, I have linked it below. White shoes are back again (ah, high maintenance)! I appreciate the monochromatic color scheme with a mix of prints, strips and textures. I’m really feeling the last outfit; a white button down shirt with what seems to be a faux leather skirt (or waxed material) with textured sides. I’m also loving the high-low tops.

I’m happy to see that the clothing featured is something I can imagine being mixed and matched effortlessly with other pieces in my closet!

What did you think of the campaigns?


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