January 2013 SeasonsBox

I received the January 2013 SeasonsBox in the mail recently. Yes! Another subscription service, but hold on! This one is different. This isn’t a beauty box, this is a lifestyle box.

UPDATE 2013/11/08: The company has since changed ownership twice, I do NOT recommend this service anymore as of now. See why here.

This service concentrates on capturing the essence of each month into a carefully curated box of 3-5 full size products. Most importantly, they pick out products that are environmentally responsible. SeasonsBox is a Canadian box service that ships to Canada and the US.

This month’s theme was Soft & Cozy for January, which is very apparent throughout the products enclosed in the box.

January 2013 SeasonsBox


The contents of the box were neatly organised.  The packaging is minimal and appealing to the eye, each month’s the box has a delicately tied ribbon matching the color theme of the month. The box itself could easily been given as a gift to a family member or friend.

Kitira Boutique Hand-Woven Scarf


As the name suggests, this is a hand-woven scarf. However, it can also be draped over the shoulders and worn as a shall. This product originates from Northern Thailand, made of 100% cotton and hand dyed with natural products. I think it’s wearable from fall all the way through spring in areas with colder climates, such as Montreal.

Vance Kitira Hand Poured Cathedral Candle


Hand crafted with paraffin from Taiwan, this candle carries a soft scent of caramel and pear. It smells beautiful and this is coming from someone who isn’t a candle lover! My mom was very excited when I pulled this out of the SeasonsBox. I’m actually looking forward to burning this.

Whispering Willow Whipped Shea Butter



This is the Tea Tree Whipped Shea by Whispering Willow, there are other versions as well. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of tea tree because it helps with to healing skin cuts, burns, and infections… it’s also very helpful with acne prone skin. Shea butter also has many healing properties that help heal dry skin, burns, sores and scars.

Unearth Malee Thai Herbal Steam Bath Tea


This bath tea is a spa product from Thailand. The bag is filled with organic herbs such as lemongrass, ginger and eucalyptus. This herbal steam bath is meant to alleviate headaches, sinus congestion, stress and muscle tension.

Perfumessence Organic “Breathe” Shower & Bath Bomb *Bonus


Lastly, this bath and shower bomb was a bonus product for this month’s box. It includes eucalyptus, mint, rosemary and lavender essential oils to soothe irritated throat and clear up congestion. It can be used in a shower, bath or an herbal face steam (I’m not sure exactly what the last method means, does anyone know?).


This box was sent to me for consideration. I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the packaging and the assortment of products. I think that the contents of this particular box is worth the price and I’m definitely curious to see how this service will evolve in the upcoming months. For your convenience  I have listed the pricing information according to the SeasonsBox website.

  • Price starting at $29.95 + $4.95 Shipping per box =$34.90
  • 3 months for $99.70 (save $5)
  • 6 months for $174.50 (save $34.90)
  • 12 months for  $250 instead of $349 until January 31st! (save $69.80 + additional $99 before Jan 31st)

What are your thoughts about this service? Is an eco-friendly box service something that appeals to you?


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