February 2013 Topbox

This month, subscribers could choose to receive a Benefit Cosmetics, Lippy Girl or Miracle 10 box. I was tempted to take the Benefit Cosmetics privé box, but I was nervous about how much I would receive, how small the samples would be… and so forth.

I choose the Miracle 10 privé box for February, which had the highest retail value. After I made the choice, the Topbox website took into account what my skin type and concerns were. This is a unique opportunity to try out products which are tailored for my skin type. That’s not something that happens often with a beauty box service. Although many box services survey their subscribers, not many adhere to the information their subscribers provide.

February 2013 Topbox – Miracle 10 Privé


Acne Prone / Oily Skin


Acne Prone / oily skin is characterized by large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, frequent breakouts and shininess. Miracle 10 products geared towards this skin type are the cleanser II, solution I, AHA gel I, light serum, and veil. However, if you have skin concerns that overlap other skin types, then your choices may vary.

Miracle 10 Cleanser II


Cleanser II is a deep exfoliating wash. It is suppose to increase evenness in skin tone, elasticity and make the complexion smoother and brighter. The full size product is 120mL for $39, but the Topbox sample is 30mL (worth $9.75).

Miracle 10 Solution I


Solution I is for clarifying the skin, its a gentle, pore refining exfoliant containing glycolic and lactic acids. It’s suppose to help skin get healthier, brighter and more balanced in tone. It also claims to help reduce break outs. The full size product is 120mL for $39, but the Topbox sample is 30mL (worth $9.75).

Miracle 10 Veil


Veil is an oil-free moisturizer that is a soothing and clarifying cream. It is suppose to reduce oily skin conditions and promote skin re-texturing. This moisturizer is also meant to reduce breakouts. The full size product is 50mL for $74, but the Topbox sample is 15mL (worth $22.20).

Lastly, the privé box also included a voucher for a complimentary Miracle 10 Facial Peel (retail value $125) at their clinic in Toronto. I’m not in Toronto, but this expires on May 31, 2013 so there may be a chance for me to visit and use this coupon (fingers crossed).

Overall, this has been my favorite box out of the 2 others that I have received (see December & January). I feel like it’s the best value compared to the previous ones. I also like that these are high end products that I would not have typically gone out to purchase myself.

Are you subscribed to Topbox, if so, what did you get and what are your thoughts about this month’s box?


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