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I don’t have many Lancôme lipsticks, but the ones I do, I cherish like you do not understand. I have a huge collection of lipsticks (gross, I know) but Lancôme is the only high end brand that I have purchased lipsticks from. I haven’t even tried a MAC lipstick, yet! (If you have any MAC lipstick recommendations for me to lose my “MAC lippie virginity” to, do comment below!)

Rouge Absolu Rose Essencea



Rose Essencea is from the Lancôme Rouge Absolu line, the shades vary depending on the collection and season. I picked up Rose Essencea on one of my visits to the L’Oréal Sale. This is my least favorite out of the four I am showing you, however, I still find it beautiful. Rose Essencea is a light beige nude with a subtle hint of warmth, a subtle orange undertone. Usually nude lipsticks have a pink undertone to them, so I found this one to be slightly unusual. It wears well on people with yellow undertones.

The packaging is Lancôme’s usual sleek black tube with magnetic closure. The application is slightly patchier than other Lancôme lipsticks. Additionally, this lipstick is far too light for me to wear with a tan. I find the formula to be neither moisturizing, nor dying. It has the right bit of creamy texture to make application and wear comfortable, but it doesn’t slip too easily. I suppose that’s why I’m so in love with Lancôme lipsticks, they have a great staying power without feeling too drying.

Rouge Absolu Rose Eclipse



This is another lipstick from the Lancôme Rouge Absolu line, also purchased at the L’Oréal Sale (back when they sold Lancôme lipsticks at $16 a pop). Rose Eclipse is one of my most wearable nude-pink lipsticks, it’s a soft pink with slight shimmer. What sets it apart from being a typical nude is that it gives me a pink lip that is like “my lips but better.” I always feel that a pink brightens my complexion much better than a nude, so I often carry this type of color in my purse for school or work.

The tube is a subtle metallic blue and the closure is secured when the cover is pushed down (to snap*). The formula and finish are great, moisturizing, not too matte nor glossy. Can you tell this lipstick is one of my favorites? I don’t have anything negative to say, except that I prefer the classic packaging.

French Touch Rose Daria



Rose Daria is the only French Touch lipstick I own from Lancôme. I’m at fault with this swatch because my lips were starting to get dry from trying on lipsticks, so I am wearing a bit of lip-chap underneath. Unfortunately, the lip-chap diluted the color! In any case, Rose Daria was named after Daria Werbowy, it’s a warm rose shade that is sort of a pink red brick color (I’m horrible at descriptions). This shade is build-able;  you can wear it sheer as I did above, or wear it as an opaque warm brick, pink toned shade.

I love Lancôme’s limited edition packaging! Would you look at that tube, beautiful duo-toned carved silver casing, this is real purse candy. The finish is great, it semi stains the lips and it isn’t drying. I feel like I should wear this more often.

L’Absolu Rouge Mat Rouge Hypnôse



Lancôme Rouge Hypnôse (find here), aka my favorite red lipstick ever! I feel so glamorous whenever I put this on, it’s very flattering. This was c/o of Lancôme, but I’ve worn it in any occasion that I’ve had an excuse to wear a red lip, especially over the holidays! This is from the Fall 2012 Midnight Rose collectionDepending on your skin tone, it can either look like a deep pink or red with a pink undertone. It’s the matte-est shade out of the previous ones I mentioned, but I wouldn’t say it’s totally matte.

The packaging is exactly the same as Rose Essencea; that classic sleek black tube that Lancôme is known for. Rouge Hypnôse isn’t the most long lasting matte lipstick, but it is the least drying! I wore it at a Christmas dinner for work and I had to touch up in between eating, as you would with most lipsticks. I have a few red lip-stains in my collection, but I love this color on me so much that I was willing to deal with the extra maintenance.

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Have you ever tried Lancôme lipsticks? If so, which ones and which are your favorites?


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