Last month, I posted a Romwe haul so that you could see what I ordered before it all sold out. Afterwards, I posted a Romwe haul, Styling and Giveaway video on my youtube channel. Three viewers will win a pair of Romwe print leggings, that giveaway ends February 1st, 2013 at 11:59 EST, be sure to enter here.

Let’s get into my monthly ROMWE picks, shall we?

Romwe Crimson Metallic Skirt


This crimson skirt (find it here) is in a velvet fabric, judging by my last order, velvet seems to be a little obsession of mine. I was most attracted to the color of this skirt and the outfit possibilities. You could easily pair this skirt with a blouse or a graphic t-shirt, it all depends on what occasional you wish to dress for.

Romwe Classic Gold Velvet Black Leggings


These velvet leggings (find here) remind me of the 90’s because of the strange texture. Only patches of it pick up light whilst others do not until you move. Is that why they call them “classic gold velvet”? Let me know in the comments. I think these would be a nice alternative to my regular go to thick cotton leggings from H&M.

Romwe Universe Print Leggings


Wow! I’m kind of slow and I’ve only ordered a pair of universe leggings now (find here). I keep hearing these are inspired by the brand Black Milk. I guess I never got them because I wasn’t sure about how they would look on me. I felt that there were a limited amount of occasions I could wear them for, but I figured I would take a chance. A while back, I did a styling video collaboration with bohemianrags22 on youtube. She showed 3 ways to wear galaxy leggings, definitely check her out!

Romwe Blocky Draped Cardigan


Whenever I order anything from Romwe, I pop the name of the garment in Google image search and see what comes up. I’m always looking for people who have already styled the piece (fashion bloggers, specifically). Not only does this give me inspiration on how to wear the piece, it also gives me an idea of how the garment falls on the body, how it looks – essentially. For instance, I saw La from La’s blog rock this on lookbook, see here.

That was quite the tangent! In any case, I got this because I recently ordered a cream colored tribal sweater for another online store and I’m obsessed with over sized cardigans (find this tribal cardigan here)

If you are interested in any pieces from Romwe, here are the most recent batch of Romwe coupon codes (free shipping, only be used once per customer):

  • 9Feb – $9 off $65+ until 2/16/2013
  • 19Feb $19 off $105+ until 2/16/2013
  • 29Feb $29 off $145+ until 2/16/2013

Be on the look out for a styling video within the next month!

Disclaimer – not paid, but products are c/o Romwe.


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