Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Let’s get down to basics, today. Naked Basics to be precise (I know, how lame). I’ve wanted to do this post since I purchased the Naked Basics palette back on Boxing Day. Since so many UD fans wished for more matte colors in their Naked Palettes (myself included), our prayers have been answered! I confess to being an Urban Decay junkie; I’m sure that’s obvious already.

I’ll be comparing some of the Naked Basics shades to the shades in the other Naked palettes, showing swatches and sharing a tutorial at the end. Let’s get started, shall we?

Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette Swatches



Venus Eyeshadow

Venus is a creamy white with a slight pearl finish. It is the only non matte shade in the Naked Basics palette. It’s a great compliment to the brow bone when you are wearing an all matte eye look. I appreciate highlight colors like these because they can be sheered out or worn intensely.

Comparison: Venus is more similar to Virgin from Naked than it is to Bootycall from Naked 2. Venus is closer to white, where as Virgin is more of a very light nude beige.

Foxy Eyeshadow

Foxy is a matte beige with a yellow undertone to it (also in the Naked 2 palette). I like to use it as a brow highlight when I do looks with non matte eyeshadows. I also use it as a base color for the lid.

W.O.S. – Walk of Shame Eyeshadow

Walk of Shame is a matte beige with a pinker undertone than Foxy. I suppose they included both Foxy and W.O.S. to accommodate warm and cool toned complexions alike. It’s a nice shade to have and I use it for the same purposes as Foxy.

Naked 2 Eyeshadow

Naked 2 is a matte light brown, it practically blends in with my skin. This is a perfect crease color for natural makeup days! It’s also great for blending between the crease and brow highlight.

Comparison: Naked 2 is much lighter and slightly cooler than Tease from the Naked 2 palette (the naming is kind of confusing, eh). Naked 2 eyeshadow is cooler and lighter than Naked from the original Naked palette.

Faint Eyeshadow

Faint is a matte mid-toned brown with a warm undertone. It’s not too warm though, there’s a slight grayness too it. It’s a nice shade to deepen up the crease, wear along the lash line and it may even work as an adequate brow color for some people.

Comparison: Faint is darker and slightly cooler than Buck from the original Naked palette.

Crave Eyeshadow

Crave is a matte soft black eyeshadow, in the pan it has slight micro sparkles that don’t show up on the lid too much.

Comparison: It’s definitely much softer than Blackout in the Naked 2 palette.

Naked Basics Makeup Tutorial

As promised, I have embedded the makeup tutorial above. I’m definitely going to continue using the palette on it’s own or with other eye shadows in future tutorials. If you would like a complete product list for everything I used in the video, please click here.

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Should you buy the Naked Basics palette if you have Naked and/or Naked 2?

My word of reasoning says “no” but my Urban Decay addiction says “yes!” Honestly, if you have a lot of neutral matte shades from UD or other brands in your collection, then you really don’t need this palette.

A while back, the huge question was, “Do I need Naked 2 if I have the original?” or vice versa. In this case, I think it’s unfair to compare either of the Naked palettes to Naked Basics. They aren’t comparable because there are only 2-3 mattes in each 12 eyeshadow Naked palette. In my opinion, the Basics palette functions on it’s own and serves to compliment both Naked palettes.

I hope that made sense, the naming of the palettes makes it difficult to explain without sounding strange!

My critic would be that they should have added a different shade instead of recycling Foxy. Do we really need two matte highlights / neutral lid base colors?

What do you think of the Naked Basics palette?

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