Maya Brenner Letter Necklace

Not too long ago, I received a Maya Brenner letter necklace with an A initial (for Alexa, obviously). The people from Maya Brenner were kind enough to send this to me for reviewing purposes. I was excited to receive it because I had seen celebrities sporting their jewelry before, see here.

I have yet to talk about it in a video because it’s so dainty, it’s really something that would only be noticed those who are closest to you (like a boyfriend or husband… or maybe someone you sit close to).

Maya Brenner Letter Necklace


I love how discrete this asymmetrical mini letter necklace piece is because it matches with absolutely everything. The letter necklace is also versatile, you can wear with with any outfit or any other jewelry (including silver) without clashing. It’s so small that you forget about until someone points out an initial they noticed floating along your collar bone. I also long how unique it is, the asymmetrical placement of the mini letter is unexpected.

Mini letter necklace details

  • 14k gold (white gold available)
  • super fine cable chain
  • 16″ chain length (longer length available)
  • 1/4″ letter (you may add up to 2 more letters)

What is your current favorite jewelry piece?


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