Essie A-List Classic Red Nails

For about 3 weeks, I wore naked nails because I couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy cotton balls to remove my nail polish. I won’t paint my nails unless I know there is a sure way that I can remove the lacquer if it gets chipped. Also, my nails have become brittle, yet another reason to give them a rest.

However, I can’t stand bare nails for very long so I decided to paint them once again. You might not care to know why I specifically chose a classic red nail polish (even though Valentine’s day is long gone). Since the Lana Del Rey – Burning Desire official music video came out, I have had it on replay.

I’m in lust with almond shaped, vintage looking nails (some call them claw nails, I’d rather not). As mentioned prior, my nails are now brittle and I work in an office. It’s not fun to type with very long nails. At least, I have the perfect red nail polish, I can wear red nails at any length and still feel proper.

Essie A-List


A-list is a classic red polish with a cream finish. I’m wearing 2-3 coats. My apologies for sloppy application, this is an older essie polish with a thinner brush that I’m not used to.

Lana Del Rey – Burning Desire

This song is just too sexy. Have you seen my LDR inspired makeup tutorial? See it here.

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What are your favorite red nail polishes?

* This product was c/o NKPR.


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