May 2013 TopBox

Well lovelies, I’m afraid to say I’ve fallen behind on blogging, but I’m back again with a short post for the May 2013 TopBox. In addition, I’ve already taken photos of the the June 2013 TopBox, so those should be up soon.

Tangent – I have a credit left with Luxe Box that i need to clear up and therefore TopBox is the only box I’m currently subscribed to at the moment, and I think I may cancel. I’m becoming overwhelmed with the growth of my collection. I have been receiving PR samples left and right so it almost seems that I should cut back.

Onto TopBox, I was not particularly impressed blown away this month, which should come to no surprise to you if you have been reading my previous posts. The box still contained interesting products that I look forward to trying out, despite that I much prefer receiving privé boxes.

May 2013 TopBox

Cuccio Colour Nail Laquer – I left my heart in San Francisco


I searched up some swatches and reviews for this polish and my suspicions were correct. Although nice, this shade is typically one I try to avoid. I like wearing opaque creams rather than translucent, jelly finish pinks. I run the risk of over applying, needing a quick drying top coat and worst of all, smudging my nails. I could see this Cuccio shade work for someone who is into French manicures, though.

Lise Watier Haute Couteur High Coverage Lip Lacquer – Stylista



As you can see in the swatch, Lise Watier Stylista lipgloss is a gorgeous cream magenta pink that is not too over bearing. The scent, on the other hand is quite strong. It’s still a nice lip gloss to chuck into your purse, you never know when you’ll feel like switching up a nude lip for a pop of color. Strangely enough, this is the first and only Lise Watier product I have ever tried.

Roberto Cavalli Shower Gel


As with all toiletry samples, this will go into my vacation stash. I personally get annoyed with having to buy those little plastic containers from the Dollar Store. You know, the ones you use to take a vacation sized portion of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash or whatever? Unless rant over, I actually own the Roberto Cavalli perfume matching this body wash. I quiet like the perfume.

Yaby Cosmetics Eyeshadow Refill in Magic Forest


Lastly, I received an eyeshadow refill from Yaby Cosmetics. I keep hearing people say that those who are ipsy subscribers have received the package in which these refills fit in. It’s not the first time I receive a naked eyeshadow like this and if I had the choice, I would opt out. The color is beautiful (observe the Magic Forest swatch in the lower right) however, having a naked shadow like this floating in my collection is like a death sentence to the shadow. It is bound to get smashed. I should rush to glue a magnet on it and stick it in my (much neglected) MAC palette.

Overall, I found the most interesting product in the box to be the Lise Watier lipgloss.

Mother’s Day Topbox Giveaway


Back in May, I held a giveaway for the Mother’s Day edition of the TopBox. I want to give a special thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to the winner Entry #183 Emilia T.

Are you subscribed to TopBox or any other service? Which one would you recommend?


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