Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On

Welcome to week #2 of Manicure Monday! This week I’m wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. White nails are very on trend at the moment. I find there are several advantages in wearing a white nail polish in the summer:

  • it looks fresh and modern
  • it instantly brightens your complexion
  • it enhances the appearance of a tan (whether you have one or not!)

Does this remind anyone of the days when girls use to put liquid paper or white off on their nails whilst they were bored in class? A comment my boyfriend’s best friend made triggered me to ask…

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On


My apologies, I had to amp up the contrast and brightness of the photos. This was hard to capture on camera without everything looking dark except my nails.

Technical issues aside, this is a straight up white with not a hint of another color whatsoever. It took 3 coats to eliminate any traces of streaky-ness. The formula was difficult to work with, as it is thick and streaky.

I just want to mention that I have recently switch base coats, which may have only added to my streak issue. I was using the OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener in the Matte Formula, but now I’m using the Original Formula. I find that nail polishes adhere better to a matte base.

Along with the formula, something about the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear packaging made the application difficult too. Everytime I took the brush out of the bottle, I would wipe the excess polish from the brush using the inner rim of the bottle, but the lacquer would consistently drip down the stem of the brush. It was seriously a never ending stream and incredibly frustrating!

Despite my hardships, I managed to get the white nails I aspired to achieve.

What do you think of white nails and what white nail polishes would you recommend for easier application?


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