Essie Ladylike and Nail Art

Another Manicure Monday; I got a little bored and decided to attempt some nail art with Essie Ladylike polish. Initially, I bought this nail polish to replace my dying and oh-so-loved OPI Tickle My Francy, I think this makes an adequate dupe. What do you think?

Essie Ladylike and Nail Art


From left to right:

Lovely amateur nail art, wouldn’t you agree? If not, hey! At least I tried something different.


I did a sort of french manicure using a polka dots nail polish from Maybelline in the shade Clearly Spotted. Then, I noticed that the white particles were a bit uneven on some nails, whilst others were overly saturated with white particles.

Long story short, I used a dotting tool from essence to apply some of the Sally Hansen White On to even things out.

For a finishing touch, I took the L.A. Colors art deco polish in black and drew some lines to form an X at the bottom of the nails. Gosh, I can’t be bothered to describe that properly. See the picture above, because I am terrible at describing such things.

What type of nail art do you like to wear, if any?


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