July 2013 TopBox

I’m happy to share this July 2013 TopBox unboxing with you, but sorry to say that this is my last subscription post for a while. I lied, I have one Beauty Box 5 unboxing video and a Luxe Box post coming up soon (don’t miss it, subscribe to my channel).

I can’t justify being subscribed to any services at the moment. As a blogger, it becomes hard to keep up with PR samples, what I buy for myself and these subscription boxes (most of which I also purchase myself).

It’s not a realistic task to adequately review each and every product. I’m not drawn to all of the samples and therefore some of them get neglected and only grazed over.

Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely discovered new loves from these subscriptions, but it’s rare. I can’t always express a thorough opinion about each item. On that same note, being subscribed to several services at once can add up quickly in bills and clutter.

July 2013 TopBox


Belvada Cosmetics one moment essential day cream

This looks interesting! This day cream has pure 24k gold flakes and pearl protein to help stimulate blood flow, build amino acids and add a healthy glow to the skin.

The full size product costs $60 for 60 ml and it is available on the Belvada website.

KMS California hairspray dry xtreme

I have received KMS sprays from other boxes and even sponsors who would send a heat styler along with a KMS spray as a complimentary item. Alcohol is always one of their principle ingredients and I doubt I will reach for this item.

This product claims to have humidity resistance and yes it is humid out in the summer, but alcohol is very drying to the hair. My hair’s natural reaction to humidity and heat is getting frizzy, alcohol won’t help me.

The full size product costs $16.60 for 300 ml.

China Glaze Keepin it Teal

I hate jelly formula nail polishes and this one was no different. I don’t see the point, I only like opaque nail polishes for my manicures, regardless of their finish.

This literally takes at least 4 coats to minimize the appearance streaks and unevenness. I tried this on my toes because I wouldn’t dare to wear a sheer polish on my hands.

A full size China Glaze polish retails for around $7 at Winners (TopBox said $10-12, perhaps at a salon?).

B. Kamins BB Cream

The size of this sample is disappointing. I’m not sure if this will last one or one and a half tries. This BB cream is a 8 in 1 multi-tasking beauty balm that is meant to provide moisture and brightening. I will try this out when the weather gets cooler, since my skin wears BB creams better in the fall.

The full size product retails at $49 for 50 ml at Sephora (I can’t find it on the site).

How did you feel about the July 2013 TopBox? Be sure to check out my previous subscription posts here.


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