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CND VINYLUX Fedora Review - Alexa Likes

CND VINYLUX Fedora Review

It’s Manicure Monday! Last Tuesday, on September 10th, I attended the VINYLUX Event at the Rouge Nail Bar in Montreal. After launching Shellac, CND has moved on to create a hybrid between a standard nail varnish and gel manicure, introducing the new CND VINYLUX.

I had a complimentary nail appointment to test out this new and exciting polish. Now that I’ve been wearing this manicure for 6 full days, it’s time for the swatches and review.


The range has 62 colors, including a few CND Shellac matched shades. The CND Shellac range has already received a lot of praise, but for those who love to switch up our manicures on a weekly basis, VINYLUX is the answer! I bet you’re like, “ok… so what!?!” but this isn’t a regular polish.

Product Claims

  • Week long wear of fresh, flawless color without chipping
  • No need for a base coat, self-adhering color coat means faster service time
  • Fully dry in 8 minutes, no UV light needed
  • CND Weekly Top Coat toughens the manicure over time with exposure to natural light (ProLight technology)

FYI I’m a nail polish fanatic and I typically change my manicure every 5-7 days. After 4-5 days, my manicure always looks less vibrant, has chips and what not.

My thoughts – To me, the appeal of this product is that you can change your manicure after 7 days because you feel like it and not because you’re embarrassed of the state of your manicure!

CND VINYLUX comes in a variety of finishes, I just happened to choose opaque. I was impressed at how opaque Fedora was during application. My experience with regular darker polishes are that they typically appear blotchy with one coat. This nail polish dries fast, too! Lost are the days when you’re afraid to touch anything until 20 minutes after you’ve done your nails, ladies…

It has lasted 5 days without chipping. On the 5th day, I had a slight chip on my left little finger and it chipped a bit more on the 6th day. My tips have also faded a bit, but overall my manicure has remained as vibrant as the first day.



I’m wearing a vampy almost black purple shade called Fedora as a base, with Silver Chrome and Locket Love stippled over top.

Bare in mind that unlike other long wearing nail polishes (Shellac, etc..) CND VINYLUX has an easy application process.

  • Start with thoroughly cleansed hands and nails.
  • Apply two thin coats of VINYLUX and don’t forget to seal around the tip of the nails. You should wait between 1-2 minutes between coats.
  • Finish with one coat of the Weekly Top Coat, this is essential for the longevity of your manicure. The manicure is completely set after 8 minutes.
  • To remove, use an acetone based nail polish remover.

While I was having my manicure done, I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Taylor, CND Education Ambassador. I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste and I asked her about one of my biggest nail pet peeves; how to deal with fragile splitting nails. She suggested using gloves in the kitchen and bathroom while doing chores with water or chemical cleaners and what not. She also recommended keeping hands and cuticles moisturized.

Here’s an interesting tidbit; Lynn also explained to me that it is normal for nails to have a bit of flexibility – nails that are too hard are not necessarily healthy.


Rouge Nail Bar hooked us up with lovely gift bags, which included several nail products. Fortunately for my fragile nails, this included the CND Scentsations Birch & Mint and Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner.


Above, a glimpse of the CND Shellac range.

Special thanks to Rouge Nail Bar for the invitation, nail goodies and knowing how to pamper a girl! 


Have you tried Shellac or VINYLUX? How do you like it?


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