Isabel Marant for H&M

This morning, the Isabel Marant for H&M Collection was opened to the public. The much anticipated collaboration with Parisian designer Isabel Marant has a taste of urban attitude, boho elegance and rock’n’roll spirit.

Montreal fashion enthusiast will have braved the cold today for a chance to purchase from the new collection. I’m not one for camping  out, but I’m always curious about these collections.

Isabel Marant for H&M Pre-Launch

On Tuesday night, Ellie and I joined media and fashion bloggers fr the Pre-Launch of this collection.

The collection included a few iconic pieces from Isabel Marant, for instance, fringed boots similar to a pair she made in 2010. Several similarities amongst the items can be traced back to collections from 2010 to 2012.

Amidst the chaos, crazy like you have no idea, I managed to take a few pictures.HM-Isabel-Marant-window

Isabel Marant for H&M accessories

HM-Isabel-Marant-earrings-6103_SL_W_13 HM-Isabel-Marant-cuff-bracelet-6103_SL_W_28

Isabel Marant for H&M clothing

HM-Isabel-Marant-jacket-6103_SL_W_08 HM-Isabel-Marant-skirt-6103_SL_W_06 HM-Isabel-Marant-skirt-6013_SL_W_05 HM-Isabel-Marant-sequin-legging-6103_SL_W_07 HM-Isabel-Marant-montreal-white-pants-6103_SL_W_04-close HM-Isabel-Marant-montreal-white-pants-6103_SL_W_04

Parisian style is inherently elegant, of course. However, the juxtaposition between bohemian rocker chic and elegance makes this collection both practical and captivating.

What are your thoughts on the Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration?


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