Avon Spring Makeup Look

I’ve compiled some of the PR samples I received from Avon to make a first impressions video. The end result was a Spring Makeup Look with purple eye makeup and orange lipstick. I apologize if any of the items are out of stock or unavailable. The last time I checked, most of these products are still on the Avon website.

Avon Spring Makeup Look

*These are direct, non-affiliate product links from the Canadian or US Avon site.

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit – Blonde


The packaging of the Wrapped in Velvet Eye Palettes are lightweight, thin plastic that feels and looks cheap – but the shadows are not bad.

I got it in two shades, crushed velvet and velvet smoke. They both contain 5 shades. Four of them are shimmers and the last shade in each is a matte black, which is an interesting addition to an affordable eye shadow quint. Crushed velvet has a golden champagne, light pink, purple, taupe and matte black eyeshadow. Velvet smoke (not pictured) has a light cream, baby blue, taupe, muted green and matte black.

The Glimmersticks Dual Ended Eye Liners come in five shades; Reliable Beauty, The Classic, Modern Romance, Flash Dance and Show Stopper. I have three of them, but I used Flash Dance in the video above. The gold end of Flash Dance was not as pigmented or creamy as the bronze shade, but I realized after filming that the caps need to be closed securely to ensure that the product does not dry out. Luckily, I was still able to work with these pencils, Reliable Beauty is my favorite so far.

As for the Lash Conditioner and Primer, I can’t say much yet. It adds an extra layer of product between the lashes and mascara; things can get a little clumpy if you are not careful. I still need to experiment with it a bit more.

The Mega Effects Mascara is so cool (last featured here)! I hate having more than 6 tubes of mascara open, yes, 6 is the magic number. I never got a chance to play with this when I first received it, but I saw Emily Noel test it out in one of her Beauty Broadcast reviews. It requires practice to make perfect with this mascara, but I like the concept.

I didn’t use the brow kit, but I thought I would plug it in. I chopped off part of my brow at the end of January (the video was pre-filmed before the terrible event). I went from fuss free natural brows to needing to fill them in, I never thought that would happen.


What is your experience with Avon products? Any recommendations?


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