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Mark Wonder Gloss Lip Shine Swatch & Review - Alexa Likes

Mark Wonder Gloss Lip Shine Swatch & Review

Today’s post revolves around the Mark wonder gloss lip shine – which is essentially, just a standard lip gloss. Skip the rambles in the next three paragraphs if you’d like – but I’d like to make a point about catalogue products.

These were available as on September 2013 for Mark’s 10th Birthday Beauty Collection. They were limited edition and I’m late on this, but even some of the regular Avon products are in and out in a minute!

I skipped out on doing reviews for several products because they are out of stock before I can get to them. This is a shame because though I’m not obligated to review these, I like to keep up with products that have been sent to me for consideration. At the same time, between other products I’m trying (PR sample or haulage alike) – it’s difficult to keep up.

The brand has replaced these glosses with several other lines; GlossWorks Lip Gloss SPF 15,  Pro Gloss Hook Up Plumping Lip Shine,  Glow Baby Glow Luxe Hook Up Lip Gloss. So far, these look most similar to the Glossworks and I haven’t a clue if they have been reformulated.

Mark Wonder Gloss Lip Shine avon-mark-wonder-gloss-lip-shine-0

From top to bottom – pink shine, peach shine, nude shine | 0.10 oz $12 CND

In the new GlossWorks Lip Gloss line it seems Parasol is most similar to Peach Shine and Plume might be most similar to Pink Shine. Though, when I did a quick search online, it’s worth mentioning that the GlossWorks look much more pigmented.

Wonder Glosses in a nut shell were sheer in pigment, high shine, sweet in scent and taste with a thin and non sticky texture. They were not long wearing, but didn’t feel like a burden to toss in the purse and re-apply either.

Mark Wonder Gloss Lip Shine Swatches



I’ve learned my lesson, either I review the product within the week of receiving it or I don’t review it at all without checking its availability online. I suppose that also means if you ever see something you love in on of those catalogues – you either buy it right away or move on without it (spoken like a true beauty freak, right there lol).

Here’s a question for thought; what is your favourite drugstore lip gloss?


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