Revlon Chameleon Manicure

I’m not very creative with nail post names, am I? Today I’ve got Revlon Chameleon nails to show you. I wore this manicure while I was at a Beauty United event.

By the time I got to take pictures of this manicure, it was a few days old and had a couple of chips, but nothing too dramatic.

I got a few compliments for the manicure and I decided to share it for Manicure Monday, regardless of the chips.

Revlon Chameleon Nails

I snagged Revlon Chameleon 933 when I was at a Revlon event in December 2013. As a top coat, I used Avon Opal on my index, thumb and ring fingers. This top coat has fast become my second favourite, my first is Essie Shine of the Times.


Revlon Chameleon 933 took 4-5 coats for an opaque finish on me. The formula is very thin and watery, not unlike many other drugstore duo-chrome nail polishes.

Maggie from Maggie’s Makeup said I should try it with either a coloured base coat or a ridge filler base coat. Ridge filler base coats are typically a milky colour, which means I would need less coats to get an opaque finish.


As for the Avon Opal top coat – it hasn’t disappointed me yet. It looks different over every polish. On this duo chrome, it creates the illusion of an opal encrusted nail, but when I’ve worn it over navy blue, it looks less textured. It’s hard to explain, but I love it.

What are your have a favourite duo-chrome nail polish or glitter top coat?


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