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Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral 02 Swatch & Review - Alexa Likes

Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral 02 Swatch & Review

There were only two Sonia Kashuk Instructional Eye on Neutral Palettes left when I went to the Target in Attwater.

That place seriously needs to stock their shelves, the Sonia Kashuk section has been empty since it was raided after they first opened the store. There’s no justification for that, come on now!

Rant over – I was draw to this palette for its matteness, of course. It’s not common that drugstore brands have a palette full of matte eye shadows.

Also, this thing retails for around $20, I can’t remember exactly, and it has 12 eye shadows for a total of 9.6 grams of product.

Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral 02Sonia-Kashuk-Eye-on-Neutral-eye-Shadow-Palette-0

The product claims are that the formulas are extremely blendable with a velvety, soft touch and superior color release. The Eye On Neutral palette is fragrance and paraben free.

As far as I know, the palette doesn’t come with instructions anymore – though the back label still says, “Look inside for step-by-step instructions.” And suddenly I have Step-By-Step by the New Kids On The Block playing in my head… I feel old.


Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye Palette – Eye On Neutral 02 SwatchesSonia-Kashuk-Instructional-Eye-on-Neutral-Palette-swatches-0


The first 2 rows consist of light neutrals such as a soft white, beiges, mutted browns etc.

The centre shade on the first row, which is the second swatch above matches my skin tone on my arm but is also the least pigmented. I found the top row to be chalky, but they are still usable. It’s not common for drugstore brands to do great light matte shadows, in any case.Sonia-Kashuk-Instructional-Eye-on-Neutral-Palette-3-4

The two bottom rows is really where this palette shines and the pigmentation gets better. The grey shade was disappointing to swatch, but I like the variety of browns in this palette and the matte black had good color pay off.

Bare in mind that I am swatching these with my fingers and without a primer. It is worth mentioning that they wear differently once applied with makeup brushes to the eye over primer.

Contrary to the description of being “soft to the touch” these are rather dry and powdery, but non of that really matters with these shadows when you use them with makeup brushes.

See the matte smokey eye I came up with using this palette for reference.


I used black pencil eye liner on my lash line and then set it with the black shadow in the palette. Other than that, I’m only wearing eye shadows from the Sonia Kashuk palette.

I think this is an affordable matte palette with a good variety of colors, it can be worn alone or with other satins and shimmery shades in your collection. This is especially a good buy if you are beginning to dabble with makeup and are in need of some matte shadows.

These are definitely not up to par with MAC, Inglot or several other high end eye shadows – nonetheless, it’s a good value and great for a multitude of looks.

Have you tried any of the Sonia Kashuk eye shadow palettes? What did you think about them?


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