LORAC PRO-To-Go Palette Swatch & Review

I never got my hands on the LORAC PRO Palette when it came out because I thought nothing of it for some reason. Now that ship has sailed, Sephora is phasing out all their Lorac products and the official Lorac website does not ship to Canada – insert swear word here!

On the bright side, the whole phasing out gave me the unique oppertunity to purchase the LORAC PRO-To-Go palette for $37 CND. The original price, $50 CND was so extortionate – got to love being Canadian, it sure has it’s perks.

LORAC PRO To Go PaletteLORAC-PRO-To-Go-Eye-Cheek-Palette

LORAC PRO-To-Go Palette eyeshadow swatches

LORAC-PRO-To-Go-Eye-Cheek-Palette-eyeshadow   LORAC-PRO-To-Go-Eye-Cheek-Palette-eyeshadow-swatchesThis beauty comes with 3 satins (Pearl, Chai, Mink) and 3 mattes (Shell, Cafe, Black). I love neutrals so naturally I’m drooling over all of these shades. These are very versatile shades, powdery in texture but still cream and very pigmented!

LORAC PRO-To-Go Palette blush/bronzer swatches

LORAC-PRO-To-Go-Eye-Cheek-Palette-blush-and-bronzer  LORAC-PRO-To-Go-Eye-Cheek-Palette-blush-and-bronzer-swatchesAs if this palette couldn’t get better, theres a shimmer blush (Coral), matte blush (Pink), and a matte bronzer for contouring (Bronze).

I’ll be sure to include this palette in a future video! Have you tried any Lorac palettes?


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