Hottest Hair Trends This Season

Hairstyle Bingo: A fun way to keep up with hottest hair trends this season

Bingo has been dubbed as a social outlet with ties to lots of celebrities. While the game may be more than five hundred years old, bingo is something that seems to never go out of style, especially if it’s been connected with fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss. Still, some people would much rather have a night out on the town than a night of bingo.

Believe it or not, bingo nights are actually more entertaining than they sound. It’s a lighthearted game that’s fit for anyone that’s fabulous and fun. Of course there won’t be any kind of sweepstakes, like Dale Winton’s Supermarket Sweep as publicized by CheekyBingo on Twitter, but it still could make for an enjoyable night in.

To make the event more fabulous, the game could be given a theme. The night could be celebrated with a stylish form of bingo, where the numbers on the cards would be substituted with the trends that dominated the spring runways. There were so many trends that flourished on the catwalks, though, so it might be difficult to narrow down the styles enough so they can fit on the bingo cards.

One avenue you could go down is with hairstyles. Designers used a variety of hairstyles, cuts, and dos for their models to highlight their latest fashion concepts. But what some may not realize is that those same designers, just like with their collections, also showcased those hairstyles in hopes of impacting the hair trends that will ensue for the year.

Here’s a list of 25 hairstyles, cuts and dos that emerged from the spring 2014 runways (courtesy of Glamour and Cosmopolitan), which could be used on your bingo cards:


Windswept dos, mixed textures, old world braids, gold accessories, ornate ponytail, flowers in the hair, edgy bobs, mermaid waves, retro curls, slept-in texture, dreamy updos, extreme side partings, sporty, messy plaits, high shine, low ponytail, long and straight, pixie cut, mid-length cut, fringe, quaff, wet look, big accessories, no hair, the shag.

Instead of replacing the numbers on bingo cards with words, you could print out pictures of the styles themselves and organize the cards accordingly. It will really challenge the girls to see if they’ve been keeping up with spring hair trends. Plus, it could even give you and your friends some ideas for new dos to experiment with. Spring is a season for blossoming new trends, so hairstyle bingo could be the inspiration you need for your new look.


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