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Quo by ORLY Nail Care

Right off the bat, I will admit that I haven’t personally reached for the matte coat. I prefer matte finish nail lacquers for the fall and winter seasons. However, I have tired out the Nail Nutrition, BB Créme and Ridgefiller over the past 3 weeks.

Quo by ORLY Nail Care


Quo by ORLY: Nail Nutrition, Matte Top coat, BB Crème, Ridgefiller

Product claims:

Quo by ORLY Nail Nutrition – Growth support for damaged nails. Helps strengthen splitting and peeling nails. Helps stimulate faster nail growth. Nails grow longer and stronger.

Quo by ORLY Matte Top coat – Turns glossy nail color to a matte finish.

Quo by ORLY BB Crème Perfect the look of natural nails with this all-in-one topical cosmetic treatment that helps to smooth and brighten natural nails.

Quo by ORLY Ridgefiller – Smooths nail surface. Fills ridges and smooths rough nail surfaces. Creates a flawless surface for nail polish.

Overall thoughts

I’ve worn the Nail Nutrition both underneath nail polish and on its own. The treatment goes on the nail clearly and without streaking. Nail strengtheners are helpful, because my nails are susceptible to splitting when I’m not wearing nail polish. I did not notice a significant difference in my nails using the strengthener over the few weeks, though.

Over time, my nails have gotten a noticeable yellow tint to them because of prolonged nail polish and acetone use. It’s something we nail polish addicts notice about ourselves and rarely like to admit. The BB Créme helps diminishes the yellow tint by giving the nails a slightly peachier appearance. It down plays the yellow in regrowth with small reflecting glitter particles. The BB Créme would serve well as a top coat for a natural looking French Manicure, as well.

Lastly, I’ve also tried the Ridgefiller as a base coat before applying nail polish. This particular nail product should only applied under nail lacquer because it doesn’t go on perfectly opaque. It leaves a white base on the nails. What the Ridgefiller does is fill in the natural ridges of the nails to allow for flawless and opaque nail polish application. I experienced the best results using this ridgefiller underneath light nail polish colors.


Quo by ORLY Ridgefiller, matte top coat, bb crème and nail treatment are all $10 each available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix.

What are some of your essentials to get a perfect manicure?

*These products were provided to me for editorial consideration.


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