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Fashion and Design Festival Montreal 2014 - Alexa Likes

Fashion and Design Festival Montreal 2014

A departure from yearly tradition, Montreal’s Festival Mode & Design 2014 took place from August 20th to August 23rd 2014 at the Place des Festivals. The event was hosted with Clin d’oeil in collaboration with CoverGirl and Pantene. I attended on August 20th where I saw the Roxanne Nikki, Boutique Henriette L. and Mouvement shows.

At the Roxanne Nikki show was filled with fur, red accents and leather-esque textures. I missed a significant part of Boutique Henriette L. due to an attempt at exploring behind the scenes before the Mouvement segment with Ellie and Maggie.

The most interesting part of the night had to have been the Mouvement segment. It was a long runway exposition that was a collaboration between designers, lighting and video. That’s where you will notice all the colourful chiffon, veils, bunny-ear ties and so forth towards the latter half of the video embedded below.

Fashion and Design Festival Montreal 2014


CoverGirl & Pantene – Montreal Fashion and Design Festival 2014 #FMD


Montreal Fashion and Design Festival 2014 #FMD


Roxanne Nikki – Montreal Fashion and Design Festival 2014 #FMD


Ellie from My Beauty Box Blog and I at FMD 2014


Ellie and Maggie from Maggie’s Makeup at FMD 2014


Mouvement – FMD 2014


Mouvement – FMD 2014

I had the most success capturing the event via video, because taking photos in such conditions with a combination of my lack of photographic skills was absolute dismal.

Fashion and Design Festival Montreal 2014 #FMD

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend more of the shows, but I’m definitely curious to hear if you caught any of them. I look forward to witnessing FMD 2015 and I’m curious to see how much the event will progress.

What did you think of this year’s Montreal Fashion and Design Festival 2014?


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