Vieux-Port Steakhouse Montreal

Last Thursday, the Vieux-Port Steakhouse celebrated its 30th anniversary. Their private event boasted champagne, delightful ambiance and food (so delicious).

The Vieux-Port Steakhouse is in the heart of Montreal, located on rue St Paul, where you can expect excellent cuts of steak in a warm and trendy atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to hold private gatherings such as weddings, large receptions as well as smaller gatherings.

VP Steakhouse is located in an century-old building and boasts authentic, rustic traits that are very notable in Old Montreal architecture. Though, the restaurant has been newly renovated, the space’s historical characteristics remain.

Vieux-Port Steakhouse Montreal

Vieux-Port-Steakhouse-Montreal-vpsteak-30th-anniversary-01 Vieux-Port-Steakhouse-Montreal-vpsteak-30th-anniversary-Champagnes-moet Vieux-Port-Steakhouse-Montreal-vpsteak-30th-anniversary-oyster-bar Vieux-Port-Steakhouse-Montreal-vpsteak-30th-anniversary-oyster-bar-2
The oyster table had a selection of toppings which varied from sweet to spicy. One othe more peculiar but delicious sauces was one with redbull and blueberries.


As a burger enthusiast, I was absolutely taken aback by how amazing these condiment-less burgers were.

Vieux-Port-Steakhouse-Montreal-vpsteak-30th-anniversary-Champagnes-moet-glass Vieux-Port-Steakhouse-Montreal-vpsteak-30th-anniversary-Toddy-Flores

Hope you enjoy the photos and that they opened your appetite!

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