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Dot and Lil Fall Open Studio - Alexa Likes

Dot and Lil Fall Open Studio

On November 22nd, I headed over the Dot and Lil Fall Open Studio event and got cozy with soaps and all things bath and body related. The studio was filled beautiful aromas of rose, tangerine, sugar and spice (and everything nice). Yes, I just quoted the Power Puff Girls, thou shall not judge.

It’s no secret that I love the Dot and Lil shea body butters, my favourite being the lilac scented one which only launches in the Spring/Summer collection. This time I walked out with 4 soaps from the sample sale! I picked up Sugar and Spice Soap, Vanilla and Calendula Flower Soap, Blood Orange Soap and Lemon and Sage Soap.

I also enjoyed delicious apple themed desserts: fresh baked pies, hot apple cider, and (my personal favourite) cookies.

Dot and Lil Fall Open Studio


Dot and Lil shea body butters


Dot and Lil exfoliating facial grains


Dot and Lil perfume oils


Dot and Lil oatmeal and honey soap


Dot and Lil coriander and lemongrass soap


Dot and Lil winter tangerine and mint soap (new favourite scent)



Dot and Lil Clark and James men’s collection


Dot and Lil Clark and James men’s razors


Dot and Lil Clark and James men’s razor blades



Have you ever tried anything from Dot and Lil? Find Dot and Lil products and information here.


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