Maybelline The Smokes Palette Review

I posted a post-Christmas haul featuring my mom and it included the new Maybelline The Smokes palette. This palette has been out for a while (since August 2014 in the US), but I finally caved and bought it when I saw it for sale at Jean Coutu for $10 CND. The palette has 12 shades which range from gray, teal, silver and neutrals.

I previously reviewed The Nudes palette and was more impressed by it. It had a similar concept and layout, but was filled with neutral browns. My issue with this palette is that it is suppose to be for beginners and yet it is difficult to work with due to the varying quality of the eye shadows.

Maybelline The Smokes Palette


Maybelline The Smokes Palette and The Nudes Palette

If you have the Nudes palette, I wouldn’t worry about coming across duplicates with the Smokes. As you can tell, the two bottom left shades are somewhat similar in The Nudes and The Smokes palettes. Both palettes have a matte highlight (The Smokes on the bottom right corner and The Nudes on the first row, third shadow). The Nudes palette includes mostly browns, golds, bronzes and neutral shades where as The Smokes leans more blue and silver, though it has one maroon shade in the top row.


Maybelline The Smokes Palette eyeshadow swatches

For more information, check out my video dedicated to The Smokes palette below. It includes live swatches and a makeup tutorial. Likewise, you can see my thoughts on The Nudes palette here.

Did you pick up the palette? What are your thoughts on Maybelline Smokes Palette?

Happy New Year! xx

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