Guerlain So Particular in Montreal

Can I just say, I never thought in a million years that I would step into Guerlain head quarters – seriously. I eagerly accepted an invitation to the Guerlain So Particular event (the first of any kind) in Montreal and got to learn all about this incredible luxury brand.

Sadly, the lighting made taking photographs very difficult, but I did my best. Everything looked stunning in person. Guerlain is a Parisian brand with a rich history, well known for its Shalimar, Terrecotta compacts and, of course, the Météorites. Did you know the pearls in each Météorites ornate tin is carefully hand picked?

Guerlain So Particular in Montreal

Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-Aqua-Allegoria-collection-stealingbeauty-00 Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-Aqua-Allegoria-collection-stealingbeauty-01 Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-Guerlain-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Couture--stealingbeauty-00 Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-Guerlain-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Eau-Fraiche-stealingbeauty-00 Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-La-Petite-Robe-Noire-Eau-de-Toilette-stealingbeauty-00 Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-L'Homme-Ideal-Guerlain-cologne-stealingbeauty-01 Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-Météorites-Powder-For-The-Face--stealingbeauty-01 Guerlain-So-Particular-in-Montreal-Terracotta-Bronzing-Powder-stealingbeauty-00

Guerlain has always used natural raw materials as a source of inspiration and innovation: preserving biodiversity is synonymous with ensuring the longevity of their creations and our know-how and, as a responsible company, playing our part in preserving resources for future generations… read more.

I personally own two Météorites products, which will probably last me a lifetime.

What Guerlain products have you tried?


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