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Lise Watier Escale #CapsurLW Collection - Alexa Likes

Lise Watier Escale #CapsurLW Collection

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Lise Watier Escale Collection event at The Ritz-Carlton in the morning. The collection was appropriately displayed at the hotel’s indoor pool, complete with giant inflatable swans, the kind you see all over instagram.

All jokes aside, the Lise Watier Escale Collection, a cruise collection, includes a variety of vivid and pastel summer hues and blue mascara.

The brand is also releasing a collection of dramatic waterproof mascaras.

Furthermore, Lise Watier is also launching foundation, blush and eye-liners in cushion-to-go format. Check out the photos below.

Lise Watier ESCALE #CapsurLW Collection

Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-lipstick-bronzer-summer-2016 Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-makeup-palettes-eyeshadow-bronzer Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-bronzer Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-eyeshadow-palette Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-blue-mascara Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-cushion-to-go-foundation Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-cushion-to-go-foundation-makeup-artisit-model Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-lipgloss-bronzer-mimosa Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-elliesmtl-my-beauty-box-blog-alexa-stealing-beauty Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-elliesmtl-my-beauty-box-blog-alexa-stealing-beauty-glasses Lise-Watier-ESCALE-#CapsurLW-Collection-Ritz-Carlton-Hotel-Pool

What do you think of the collection? Are there are pieces you would be interested in picking up?

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