Matrix TOTAL RESULTS Rock It Texture Review

Today, we’re going to talk about the Matrix Rock It Texture Shampoo and Conditioner from the TOTAL RESULTS line. This line also boast the following: Hello BlondiesHigh AmplifyMega SleekColor ObsessedMoisture Me RichCurl Please, and So Long Damage.

I have been diligently switching up my hair care products on a 3-5 week basis and because of that, I actually notice the difference each shampoo and conditioner combination makes on my hair. See more reviews here.

Matrix TOTAL RESULTS Rock It Texture ReviewMatrix-TOTAL-RESULTS-Rock-It-Texture-Review-shampoo-conditioner-hair-careMatrix-TOTAL-RESULTS-Rock-It-Texture-Review-SHAMPOO-CONDITIONER-CLOSE-UP

Make that 100% undone sexy look with your texturizing secret – indeed. The shampoo contains Polymers, which help boost the structure of your hair. It gave me waves for days.

The conditioner is rather light and doesn’t feel heavy or rich in the hair. I wouldn’t say that this shampoo and conditioner duo gives much moisture – the key here is that the conditioner doesn’t add weight, which in turn gives you fantastic waves.

The Rock It Texture products also include a Sea Salt Spray, which I did not have handy to try. I suspect that it would bring even more texture and body to the hair for an even more tousled look.

I would like to add that I have particularly thick and somewhere inbetween straight and curly hair, therefore my hair is likely the perfect candidate for this line. These products actually enhance what my natural hair does on its own (when it’s on its best behaviour, that is).

I happen to love the look Rock It Texture gives me. Have you tried anything from the Matrix TOTAL RESULTS line?

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