SafeHouse – Appleton Estate Event #WeAreRumPeople

Appleton Estate held an event at SafeHouse back in October to get ready for the holiday season. I had the previlage of trying out some of their holiday cocktails with SafeHouse mixologists and owners Nick Léger and Maxime Boivin.

SafeHouse, located at 244 Rue Saint-Jacques West in Old Montreal, is a stunning cocktail bar. The locations boasts stunning moldings and has an old world appeal very fitting with the Old Montreal aesthetic. It’s a sexy bar with dark wood decor and masculine ambiance. Let’s just say it made it to my list of date-locations for anyone who makes it passed a first date.

There are only a few places in Montreal with old vibes likes this one, such as Le 4e mur, Le Bureau Bar Tapas, and Taverne Square Dominion. I’m always up for a new speakeasy or themed bar!

I have to admit, I didn’t have a chance to try all the Appleton Estate cocktails on the menu. That’s probably a good thing, though! I ended up trying a spicy cocktail made with rum and Jamaican beer, which was delicious! They had piña coladas too, but I prefer spicy, strong or sour cocktails for the most part.

SafeHouse – Appleton Estate Event

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Photos c/o event photographer.

What are your favourite spots in Montreal?


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